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Great Returns. Property Security.

The intelligent way for serious investors to invest in asset backed securities (Notes) corresponding with underlying loans made to creditworthy Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) looking to purchase commercial and residential investment property across Australia – 100% online.

earn attractive risk-adjusted returns from 3.73% to 8.50% p.a.
fund individual loans made to creditworthy SMSFs
fund individual loans with terms from 1 to 15 years
investments with real bricks and mortar security

Be your own bank. Achieve your investment goals, on your terms, with better returns

Did you know that loans secured by real property are the safest form of real estate investment? Well, imagine being able to invest in asset backed securities (Notes) corresponding with individual loans made to creditworthy SMSF borrowers and receiving your portion of 100% of the principal and interest loan repayments made by borrowers. Now, stop imagining and open an investment account to start earning better returns today.

  • Open your investment account

    Setting up an investment account is really simple. It will only take you 10 to 15 minutes to complete the online user registration and investor application form. Subject to us being able to verify your identity online, your investment account will be established straightaway. And, don't worry, we deploy the same 256-bit advanced encryption standard used by the banks to ensure your information is kept safe and secure.

  • Link your bank account

    Before you can start investing in loans listed in our online marketplace you'll need to set-up a linked bank account through your personalised investor dashboard. This will link the cash holding account of your portfolio account, to an external account held in the same name with an Australian bank. Once you've linked your external account through our platform, we'll make a small deposit to the account together with a unique authentication code that will appear as the narrative corresponding with the deposit. Simply enter the authentication code when requested the next time you login to your investor dashboard and you're good to go.

  • Fund your investment account

    Next, you'll need to fund your cash holding account by transferring funds into your cash holding account using the 'transfer-in' button in your investor dashboard. The entire process is completely secure, with the only bank account you can transfer funds in and out of being the bank account that you securely linked during the previous step. For your security, absolutely no 'cash' is held on our platform. Instead, all investors 'cash' is securely held in a separate bank account by Perpetual as custodian of the LendEx Lending Fund.

  • Start funding loans

    Once you've funded your cash holding account you'll be able to immediately commence browsing available loan listing opportunities in our online marketplace, and start building a diversified portfolio of SMSF investment property loans across different risk ratings, loan terms, interest rates and underlying property types to suit your specific risk and return appetite. You can either build your portfolio funding one loan at a time with just a few clicks of your mouse, or you can simply activate AutoInvest, and have our platform do the work building your loan portfolio for you. It's smart lending. Made easy.

  • Start earning attractive returns

    Sit back, relax and start earning attractive returns. We'll take care of the loan receivables from borrowers whose loans you've funded. We'll take care of all collections, reconciliation and transaction processing of your portion of 100% of the principal and interest loan repayments made by borrowers whose loans you've funded on a fortnightly or monthly basis. You can log into your personalised investor dashboard to track your investment returns (loan repayments) at any time and to see how your portfolio is performing. No paperwork. No hassle.

Build a diversified portfolio of property loans with attractive returns and real bricks & mortar security

It is no secret that asset backed securities are highly sought after investments by institutional investors for portfolio diversification and income purposes. While direct investment in commercial and residential investment property loans won't provide you with capital appreciation, it will offer you some unique advantages over investments in shares, bonds and direct property. This includes the stability of principal with low capital volatility, real property security (debt ranks ahead of equity in the property capital structure), and a steady income stream.

These are only representative examples of the types of loans listed in our online marketplace. While the representative interest rates are correct for the corresponding risk ratings shown, none of the data displayed is real and the property images are stock photos used under licence.

Risk Ratings and Estimated Returns

LendEx Risk Rating Band
Estimated Returns Range
Commercial Property Loans
Residential Investment Property Loans

from 4.07% to 5.13% p.a.

from 3.73% to 4.65% p.a.


from 5.48% to 7.05% p.a.

from 5.02% to 6.39% p.a.


from 7.36% to 8.50% p.a.

from 6.74% to 7.70% p.a.










Please Note:

The estimated returns detailed above are based on the current prevailing minimum / maximum interest rates applicable to individual loans approved by LendEx and which are assigned a LendEx risk rating (specific underlying loan credit risk designation) within a particular LendEx risk rating band (a group of underlying loans within a specific credit risk category range). Individual LendEx risk ratings provide investors a useful snapshot of the overall credit quality of the loan as assessed by LendEx.

For example: Individual loans are assigned a ‘risk rating’ designation (i.e. a ‘credit risk’ designation) of say AA1, AA2, AA3, which are then grouped into an overarching LendEx risk rating band of “AA”. The individual loan’s grade and the overarching risk rating band, is designed to provide investors with a simple qualitative credit quality (credit risk) assessment indicator (i.e. a loan grading indicator), that alerts investors to the credit quality of a loan as determined by LendEx during the credit assessment process undertaken to determine the underlying obligor’s (borrower’s) creditworthiness.

Loans grouped in the AA, A and B LendEx risk rating bands are assessed by LendEx as having superior credit quality attributes, and a lower probability of default, to that of loans distributed in the lower risk rating bands of C, D and HR. As such, the interest rate payable to an investor by an obligor (borrower) on a loan funded in the “AA” LendEx risk rating band, will be less than that of a loan funded in the “A” LendEx risk rating band. This is a direct result of each loan being individually priced to reflect the credit quality of the specific loan (this is commonly referred to in the industry as “risk-based pricing”). Meaning, the interest return investor(s) receive on a specific loan they have funded, is adjusted to reflect the credit quality of the specific loan and the counterparty credit risk the investor is accepting on that loan.

All LendEx SMSF investment property loan requests are assessed against a proprietary LendEx SMSF credit assessment scorecard that automatically rejects any loan request (application) that does not meet our normal credit criteria and our assessment of the creditworthiness of the applicant (i.e. the borrower). Each individual loan that meets our normal credit criteria from time-to-time is then assigned a specific LendEx risk rating and priced individually accordingly. Rates shown above are subject to change and are indicative only. Neither LendEx, nor any of its associates, guarantees or make any representations as to the performance of the asset backed securities (Notes) issued by the LendEx Origination Trust to the LendEx Lending Fund corresponding with a specific loan an investor has elected to invest in, as the performance of individual asset backed securities (Notes) is solely dependent on the performance of the underlying loan by the obligor (borrower).

More Transparency.
Critical Accountability.

As a licensed marketplace lending platform we believe that transparency leads to accountability. Our team of leading credit experts has developed Australia's first proprietary credit assessment scorecard and risk-based pricing methodology to efficiently assess and consistently price SMSF investment property loans.

We believe that by providing all potential investors on our platform access to comprehensive investment information simultaneously about loan listings (including details of the underlying borrower, the property security, the independent property valuation and legal review undertaken) the investment decision making process is substantially de-risked.

Frequently asked questions?

Why should I fund loans through LendEx?

LendEx provides qualifying investors the opportunity to gain direct exposure to loans made to creditworthy SMSF borrowers, for the purpose of purchasing commercial or residential investment property. All loans are individually securitised, and offer investors attractive risk-adjusted monthly returns with bricks and mortar security.

What is my expected rate of return?

Currently, you can expect to earn interest in a range of 3.73% to 8.50% per annum from underlying first mortgage loans, depending on the specific loan listing selected by you for investment in our online Marketplace.

Please note that the performance of individual underlying first mortgage loans is solely dependent on the performance of the underlying loan by the obligor (borrower).

How is the interest that I receive calculated?

The interest you receive on your investments in underlying first mortgage loans, will be your portion of each payment amount payable by the borrower, for each payment period, in accordance with loan terms and the amortisation schedule. All loans offered by LendEx are fully amortising loans made up of regular principal and interest payments.

Your portion of the principal and interest loan repayments is paid into your ‘cash holding account’ during the first ten business days of each month.

Regular principal and interest payments for variable interest loans will change in line with any changes in LendEx’s standard variable interest rates applicable to the specific risk rating assigned to the underlying loan from time-to-time. This means that the interest you receive will be adjusted accordingly.

Is my investment secured?

Your investment in individual loans are secured by registered first mortgage over real property. This means that the borrower has granted security to LendEx. If the obligor (borrower) fails to repay their loan, LendEx can seek to recover any outstanding amounts by taking possession of the property and enforcing the property security.

During the term of your investment, you do not have direct recourse to the borrower or to the property security. Your recourse is limited to LendEx and the LendEx Lending Fund, but only to the extent that LendEx receives payments from the borrower or recovers proceeds by taking possession of the property and enforcing the property security.

Is my investment guaranteed?

No. Neither LendEx, nor any of its associates, guarantees or make any representations as to the performance of the asset backed securities (Notes) issued by the LendEx Origination Trust to the LendEx Lending Fund corresponding with a specific loan you have elected to fund, as the performance of individual asset backed securities (Notes) is solely dependent on the performance of the underlying loan by the obligor (borrower).

Notes are secured by registered first ranking mortgages over real property. These mortgages are held in custody by Perpetual in its capacity as Trustee of the LendEx Security Trust. Perpetual has also been appointed as the Custodian of the LendEx Lending Fund to hold your portfolio assets, including all cash and loan units that give you direct exposure to an underlying loan.

How long are my funds invested for?

Each loan listed in the LendEx online Marketplace is for a specific loan term of between 1 to 15 years. Should you elect to fund a particular loan, your funds will be committed for the duration of the loan term. This means that in the absence of a secondary market for your LendEx investments, your funds will be invested for up to a maximum of 15 years, or such lesser time in instances where a borrower elects to repay the loan early in full.

Please note that no facility currently exists for the redemption or sale of your interests in loans you’ve elected to invest in through the LendEx Lending Fund.

Enhanced Visibility.
Superior Control.

Once you've opened your investment account and linked your cash holding account to an external bank account held in the same name, you'll immediately have access to a personalised investor dashboard where you'll be able to view all your investments in one place.

From your investor dashboard you'll be able to access the latest loan listings in the online marketplace, place investment orders, transfer funds in or out, set up AutoInvest, or view investment statistics and reports any time you want. Best of all – it's really easy to use.

What are you waiting for? Get started now!

Be your own bank! Open an investment account today to start building a diversified portfolio of alternative investments, backed by loans made to creditworthy SMSF borrowers, with bricks and mortar security. Earning great risk-adjusted returns has never been easier.

Need Help?

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Or, if you'd prefer to speak to a real person here in Australia, simply give us a call on 1800 536 339.


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